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Counter reset 04-18-2014

Bob & Jenny Thomas working the registration table. David & Donna Koring teaching the Night Club 2 Step. Music by Rick Rideout

At the October dance we had 84 members and 4 guests,  We had a Wonderful Night Club 2 step dance lesson from David and Donna Koring  and had a great time dancing with friends.

UPDATED:Metro Workshop coming November 8th.  Click Nov Workshop tab.

Notice: Dance Shoes in November. Ballroom and Boogie Shoes are coming in November to offer their dance shoes and dance supplies.

Like to thank:

Greg & Sandy for doing the decorations.

Bob & Jenny Thomas for working the sign in table.

David & Donna Koring for teaching the Night Club 2 Step lesson.

Rick Rideout for providing the music.  

Vicky’s photos of the dance can be seen by clicking on the Photo Gallery tab, then on the tab of the month you want to view.

Photos of the dance can also be seen at our Facebook page.ttps://www.facebook.com/MetroBallroomDanceClub

Thank you very much to all that attended. :-)

October Dance:

Board Members hard at work to improve the floor condition.

A huge thank you to Scott & Eva Key, Dan & Lisa Grimm, Bob & Jenny Thomas for doing what they could to get the floor ready for the dance. We’re dealing with a sticky floor due to the water from cleaning it.  The Coliseum has bingo the day before we dance there and the floor has to be cleaned from spills. The folks at the coliseum are doing their best to get the floor ready for us but the water from cleaning is soaking in to the wood and making it sticky to dance on. Our board members worked like crazy to make it less sticky by scrubbing it with dance wax. But even with all their hard work it was still sticky to dance on. The floor needs to be refinished but it’s been done so many times that it’s time for a new floor, but that’s very expensive and the Coliseum doesn’t have the funds to do it. So we’ll keep trying new ways to clean it and get it in the best condition we can.