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Bill Pepe, Greg & Sandy working the registration table. Rideout’s (shown) Key’s & Bradley’s revived the workshop lessons. Music by Rick Rideout

The May dance was at the Coliseum for the second time this year and it was a lot of fun. We had 89 members and 12 guests. The dance floor was the best we’ve had at the Coliseum.  In the past the floor has had a lot of grip and it was a bit hard to dance on.  But we’ve found the problem to be to much water on the floor from cleaning.  To much water was being used during cleaning causing the floor to hold the moisture and that made the floor have way to much grip. This time the floor was lightly clean and dusted and that made all the difference, It was near prefect the night of the dance.

The Metro workshop was held earlier in the afternoon and we had 42 people come and take the 3 hour workshop. See the Metro Workshop Tab for info and photos.

Like to thank:

The Keys, Grimms and Bradleys for doing the decorations.

Bill Pepe, Greg and Sandy for working the sign in table.

The Rideout’s, Keys and Bradleys for the review of the workshop lessons.

Rick Rideout for providing the music.  

Vicky had her camera and took a bunch of photos of the evening. Click on the Photo Gallery tab then on the tab of the month you want to view.

Photos of the dance can also be seen at our Facebook page.ttps://www.facebook.com/MetroBallroomDanceClub

Thank you very much to all that attended. :-)

May Dance: