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Metro Ballroom Dance Club Evansville IN.

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November Workshop 2015

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The November Metro Workshop was a great success. The workshop was held at the Coliseum on Nov 14 2015  from 1:00 to 4:00.  We had 34 people come and take the workshop to learn the West Coast Swing ( by Rick & Vicky Rideout) and the Foxtrot (by Scott & Eva Key)

We had many first time dancers along with some more experienced dancers that took the workshop. Everyone looked to be having a great time and we had three couples join the Metro club during the event.

Thanks so much for the time put into this from the instructors (Key’s and Rideout’s) and to Dan & Lisa Grimm, and Al & Judy Bradley for their help during the workshop.

 A huge thank you to all of those that attended the workshop.  Thank you! You made it a lot of fun and a special day for all of us that work to make it happen.  

Thanks for your support of the Metro Ballroom Dance Club.

Below are some photos of the event.